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Holidays are a special time in Big Bear. Cabin rentals close to the mountains make an ideal family Big Bear vacation.

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Big Bear Rentals Close to Mountain for Holidays

Everybody needs a vacation, right? Kids get them during winter holidays and throughout the years, Dads and Moms who have careers and work outside the home have to ask to get time off, but who never gets a vacation? Parents! Parents never get a vacation from being parents. So planning a vacation that requires as little work as possible, yet gives the most reward is the way to go. What I found when traveling with my kids, is that one Big Bear rental company can do most or all the work for you with one call, which frees you up to do other things. That's why I recommend companies such as Big Bear Reservations, or City Concierge. They do all the work and it doesn't cost any more than if you spent the hours and hours online trying to find the right place yourself.

What of my biggest concerns was where would I get the best Big Bear cabins. What I learned is that Snow Summit caters to skiers and Bear Mountain to snowboarders, but you can do both at either resort. We were'nt sure where to stay, so knowing this, helped refine our decision. Basically, it came down to cost vs. convenience. There are places to rent near either resort that are walking distance. If your kids are old enough and you feel comfortable, a walk to the lifts is an absoulte must because they can come and go when they get tired. This means that you and the spouse can continue to do what you're doing without constantly looking over a shoulder. It does cost more to stay near the lifts, but not having to take the car and the freedom for the kids was worth it. Conversely, if your kids are too young to walk home from the ski mountains, why pay for that?

I've had a great experience working with City Concierge. Sandy is a knowledgable pro. He is always happy to do some extra research, make a few calls or offer advice. My calls and emails are always returned promptly. The units we stayed in were exactly as Sandy described. Very comfortable and perfect for our New Year's ski trip. Chris H. Posted on Yelp.

Young kids can't carry their ski gear, so along with all the hats, mittens, jackets, you might as well drive and use the car for storage. If you're driving, staying just 5 minutes away can make a differance in the cost of your Big Bear rentals. The other advantage is that many of the properties are on little hills, so you might get a view of Big Bear Lake, which is very relaxing when you're sitting in a hot tub.

One of the reasons I chose a cabin over a hotel was that I could make some meals and snacks in the cabin so we didn't have to eat every meal out. If your vacation is going to be short, don't worry about cooking in, demand to eat out. But if you have that kitchen you can easily pack lunches, have a grab and go breakfast and always have chilled snacks ready for the kids. Something you can't do in a hotel room. Hey Mom, you're on vacation, get out of the kitchen and go our for dinner! Kathy also pointed me to a place online to get Discount Snow Summit Lift Tickets. The multi-day pass is cheaper than single tickets. Just that simple. But if you're going to take lessons, check out to see if the lift ticket is included as in some of the very young child lessons include the lift ticket. Buying online and ahead of schedule is always less expensive than waiting till you get there, if the tickets are available.

Another way to save money and enjoy your vacation while in Big Bear are rentals that will have back up to the forest or has wide open space, so that when there is lots of snow on the ground, the kids can go outside and play. While you may not want them unsupervised, being able to build a snowman or igloo or a fort for a snow ball fight are old fashion things kids did when ski lifts weren't open. We also brought up items to make a snowman and some of our old beach toys as they worked great in the snow to build castles and igloos. My reservations gal also suggested bringing a helmet so that if we got out the snow saucer, my younger kids would be protected, so we used our bike helmets. We brought the saucer with us as we were told renting them was a waste of money. What a hoot and they didn't cost anything. They also sent me a list of things to do which was also very helpful.

We're looking forward to our next holiday in Big Bear. While we were on a budget this last time, I'm hoping I can get some of my friends together and get one of the luxury properties in Big Bear. And while everyting was perfect we learned a secret. Since now we know what we like, we learned to book early so we can have more choices. Holidays especially when the kids are out of school is a busier time and Kathy told us that in the future, we should choose our places 2 or 3 months ahead of time as we would have more choices and choices are good. I'm very grateful for the advice I got from Big Bear Reservations, and am looking forward to using their service again this coming holiday for our Big Bear rentals.

Reprinted with permission from writer Deborah Bendinelli who travels with her family and blogs about how to make vacations easy to plan.

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