Aqua Flight Fly Like Ironman

Aqua Flight Adventures are the newest attraction at Big Bear. Rentals come with an instructor to help you fly into the air on the first go.

Jet Pack Water Adventure

Aqua Flight on Big Bear Lake

It's like Aqua Man meets the Wolverine. A most amazing experience awaits with Action Aqua Flight only in Big Bear. The water stream pack is strapped to your back and with a flick of the wrist you're flying without wings over Big Bear Lake. The video tells the whole story

For those old enough to remember the days when the only time you could see some fly with a jet pack was at Disneyland, this will bring back the memories, only now you'll be under the guidance of Action, the company behind this amazing recreational activity.

Big Bear has become a true summer resort with many different activities to compliment their hiking, mountain biking and fishing and this is just one of them. Coupled with Aqua Flight are there "Segway" rides and previously reported zip-line tours.

Aqua Flight is a high powered water thrust that jets the rider into the air. Controlled by an Action team member on a personal watercraft such as a Sea Doo, Aqua Flight brings new heights to the mountains. Also known as "fly boarding" it really is more like being an action hero than riding on a board or platform. You're accompanied by a certified instructor who helps control your flight.

Developed from the original concept of the "fly board" which was wake board boots strapped to a platform, the aqua flight device is more like a jet pack than super charged boots. Other manufacturers also created a hover board which is a jet water stream powered wake board.

This summer take flight in Big Bear and plan to get on the water and play. Big Bear Reservations can help you do that.

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