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Whether you're planning a corporate trip, a fraternity party, or family event, we can help you with with your hotel reservations in Big Bear and make it simple. Plus... we have great group rates.

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Written by Sandy Lanz

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There are a lot of choices when it comes to your lodging in Big Bear and we can help you find the perfect Big Bear hotel. From large hotels that can accommodate a wedding or corporate group to smaller boutique lodging, hotels in Big Bear offer amenities you come to expect. Some of the larger Big Bear hotels are close or on the lakefront so walking to the shoreline is a breeze. We get asked often what is the difference between Big Bear hotels, a rental cottage or a Bed and Breakfast Inn.

If you like simple places to stay, there are many Big Bear hotels that will fit the bill... but there also are some real gems!

Big Bear cottages are very similar to the more familiar Bed and Breakfast inns. They tend to be more quaint, smaller, and you're renting a place to sleep and sharing a common area living room and fireplace. Like renting a room in a personal home, cottages come in different styles, sizes and prices which can make your Big Bear vacation affordable. They actually might be small separate buildings like a guest house. Often times a meal such as breakfast is included in the price. Of course you'll get a clean room, with a private bathroom, but you may get some extras like a fireplace inside your bedroom. There are no standards so be sure to read the description and look at the photos.

The word "lodge" is often used to describe a smaller Big Bear hotel that has select amenities. Usually a lodge will have a lobby, perhaps a lobby bar, and limited food service. Whereas the larger hotels in Big Bear may have full service restaurants, swimming pools and hot tubs, a lodge may just offer simple grab and go beverage or food service. But what you'll find out a Big Bear lodge is a more personal experience where the inn keepers are right on the premises. This adds to your vacation and with their personal recommendations can only enhance your vacation.

Whether you're planning a corporate trip or you're a fraternity group from a Southern California University, we can help you with with your plans and make it simple. We work, you play! Our experienced reservation concierges will help negotiate the best available rates and find the best accommodations for your event and then minimize the paperwork so that you can get on to the group events. Have fun and ... see ya on the lake!

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The best way to buy lift tickets is to decide ahead of time how many days you would like to ski as the multi day tix is much less. It doesn't matter whether you purchase Snow Summit or Bear Mountain lift tickets, they're good at both resorts and cheaper from us.

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