Mammoth Mountain Resort

Set beneath the alpine environment of the Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Mountain resort is the east side of the Yosemite Mountains. Like Big Bear, you'll find a collection of winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and cross country. In the summer activities include golfing, fishing, hiking and mountain biking and day trips to Yosemite.

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While Big Bear is great, Mammoth Mountain is bigger, a lot bigger. Consistently rated #1, the resort is the largest in California with the most amount of trails and runs, chair lifts and overall skiable area. It is also bigger than most other resorts in North America. That says a lot. Why is here on our website? Simply because guests who go to Big Bear also go to Mammoth. They're on the same season pass.

We wanted an extended vacation, so we did a few days in Big Bear and then headed to Mammoth Mountain to finish our vacation. We got both places booked with one phone call. Sweet! ! knows all about Mammoth Mountain. It is is just 5 hours from Big Bear Lake and since they're on the same season pass, skiers and snowboarders go to both. Often times, people will visit both resorts in one vacation. The reason? To get the most out of California resorts! The drive from Big Bear to Mammoth is easy. It is a straight shot up Highway 15 to Highway 395. Both resorts have a lot in common. Both have great ski schools to teach beginners how to ski. You'll find similar accommodations and a similar rustic charm. So why go, because being at a higher altitude than Big Bear, the ski season is longer, the snow is consistently better and it is becoming much more progressive with dining, nightlife and activities.

Summers in Mammoth are big as well. You'll find that again there are similar things to do such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing, but where Big Bear wins is in the lake activities. It is too cold to swim in the water, water skiing and wake boarding are not as popular and they don't have any zip lines... yet. But don't let that stop you because the fishing and horseback ridging are superior. There are fish derbies all summer long. Golf is also very popular in Mammoth. They have 27 holes on two different courses.

Close to Mammoth is Mono Lake, the Inyo Craters, Obsidian Dome and Bodie Ghost Town all are great day trips during the summer months. Mono Lake offers nature tours and the most interesting is the tufa tour given by the forest service which focuses on the limestone sculptures that grow out of the middle of the lake (called tufa). Mammoth is an active volcano, so the craters and San Andreas fault line are sites to see. And nothing compares to the Bodie Ghost town which was abandon just after the gold rush and left exactly as it was back in 1859.

Mammoth should be on your radar for trips either in summer or winter and you can find a lot of valuable information from our friends at City Concierge.


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