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Spring is a time for warm days and cool nights, and great riding

Fun in the Sun Before, During and After Spring Break

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Skiers in Big Bear During Spring

Thank you to El Nino who has made this year in the mountains better than last. While Mother Nature has been vacationing, seems like Mr. El Nino has been "godzilla" and has taken to making weather that riders and skiers can really enjoy. Not to mention filling our snowpack and lakes for a beautiful summer. Since March, snow has continued to fall- about 10" more and this has set the slopes up for some great times.

The team at City Concierge has helped us with Mammoth lodging and services multiple years. Awesome support and lots of extras and discounts available. Will use them again. Paul B. Posted on Yelp

Spring in Big Bear means warmer days and cool nights. It's time to work on the tan as you take to the slopes. While surrounding areas might be showing signs or sprouting life, the true life is on the mountain. Each spring Big Bear works hard to keep the parks and trails just like winter. So you get all the fun without the brrrr of the old. This season Big Bear has events, concerts and fun planned for every weekend, and there is no sign of closing early. In the past, Bear Mountain tends to close before Snow Summit. Ironically, Bear Mountain has 4 peaks, all of which have a higher elevation than Summit, which one would think means they stay open longer, but not so little grasshopper. Summit has more runs and can handle more people. So the fun in Spring is at Snow Summit

During Spring Break, the time when local schools give students a week off, Big Bear is busy. You need to book your lodging early and get your vacation rentals near Snow Summit or Bear Mountain. After Spring Break, it doesn't much matter. Anywhere you stay is going to be fine, and the prices on lodging drop. So if you're inclined to save a few bucks, come after everyone has left and you'll have the slopes to your self. Most everyone comes up for 2 day weekends, and if you can spare a day, often you'll find stay 2 get the 3rd day free deals. Some companies will even give lift tickets away with your lodging. You should check with City Concierge to find out what is available, they will know.

As for the fun on the mountain, besides Big Bear's great snowmaking and grooming, they will have exhibitions, concerts and fun to fill the days. If you have never experienced "Pond Skim" this is a must attend event. Generally held close to closing day, the snow crew digs this giant whole, ok "pond" in the snow and they fill it with water. It is a competition so either on skis or boards you start at the top of the run, go full speed and have to cross the pond in order to win. Uh, yeah, the water is not heated, most people crash and burn and adding to the hilarity, they wear stupid costumes. It is a must see. And if you have had enough Corona's, you gotta do it. Seriously, after you have ridden for a few hours, you gotta take a break, and well, events like this, plus the music is cool. As they never know exactly when they will close for the season, which is naturally conditions related, sometimes the Snow Summit Calendar is light, so you do need to check often if that part is important you or your group. For most however, it is all about the snow and trails.

Snow Summit and Bear have the best snowmaking in California with 100% coverage on all trails. They make between 3 and 5 feet of snow each season and have an endless supply of water from the lake which thanks to El Nino is full. Every night that it is cold enough to set, the grooming crew will be blowing snow, resetting the terrain parks and grooming up the slopes. It's perfect conditions even when it is 50° outside. Uh, don't forget the sunscreen. Bear has 198 acres of groomed trails, and if there is a dump or a sprinkle, there are 500 more acres that go untouched, so finding freshies is always a possibility. Plus, the average skier does not go off piste. ("piste" is the Italian ski term for trail, so off of the trail, now you know). Summit has even more terrain. 18 skiable miles, 14 lifts, 3 terrain parks. The best of the parks is Westridge and Ego Trip as the smaller Fun Zone is for newbies.

While everyone else is thinking about wet suits for some lake fun, or boats and fishing, you can still be on the slopes, with clean air, and having a better time than anyone else. I'm looking forward to Cinco De Mayo, always a blast at Summit. Cross your fingers we make it to that weekend. I'll be at "The Scene" Sundeck with my Corona.

Posted with permission from writerSandy Lanz who skis all over the United States and works for City Concierge

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